The first full day we were at my dad's we drove to Montana to hike the Hiawatha bike trail. We went with my dad and Lisa and my Aunt Tammy. It's a 13 mile ride on an old train track that goes through about 10 tunnels. The longest is over two miles long and it was freezing! The tunnels aren't lit either so it was a little disorienting. We had head lamps, but it still took a while for our eyes to adjust.
We got there around 3 and the last bus back to the top left at 4. We knew we wouldn't make it in time to ride the bus, but we thought the ride back up wouldn't be that bad. Boy were we wrong. When we got to the bottom we looked at the map and decided to take a much steeper short cut, but thought we would still save time. We though the ride back wouldn't be that bad, and would probably take about two hours total. I also had the thought after we reached the bottom that we should have parked at the bottom and rode the bus to the top to begin with. Then when we were done with the ride we could just get in our car and head home. Too bad that thought came 13 miles too late. It would have saved us so much time and trouble.
When we started heading back we left Lisa and Aunt Tammy at the bottom and Jensen, my dad and I started going up. A couple miles into the trip back my dad and I were way too tired and too slow, so we gave Jensen the truck keys and let him go ahead of us because we knew he would be able to get to the truck faster. The ride back ended up being 9 miles (we were thinking probably 5 looking at the map short cut- it apparently wasn't to scale), and it was terrible. I felt soooo bad for Jensen because my dad and I were too weak and hungry so we stopped at some buses to wait for Jensen. When he finally got back with the truck he was exhausted along with everyone else.
In the car ride back Jensen and I were both feeling woozy because of low blood sugar from not eating for so long. My body started to shut down, it was so weird. While I was sitting there my arms and legs started to go numb and then my arms and my fingers were completely frozen. That really freaked me out. When that happend the first thing we did was find somewhere to get some juice for me and Jensen. We stopped at a little gas station and got some orange juice. Pretty quickly after that I started feeling better and regained movement in my hands. Overall the ride was beautiful and fun (as long as I don't think about the ride back up). Next time we go we'll be sure to get an early start.

See how happy we look before the start of the ride ;)
We saw a moose before reaching the trail! He was licking the salt off the rocks.
Here's the beginning of our ride! It was so beautiful up in those mountains. The first tunnel on the trail was the longest. And it was freezing! We could even see our breath inside.The light at the end of the tunnel!We also went over a lot of trestle on our ride. They were so high up in the hills.
While passing over one of the trestles we stopped for a snack and made a little friend.
Look at that view!


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