Four Wheeling!

Jensen really wanted to go four-wheeling when we went to visit my dad, so he borrowed two four-wheelers from my aunt for Jensen and I to use. Turns out I'm a terrible four-wheeler driver. This was my first time driving one by myself for longer than just a couple of minutes and I really don't like going down hill. About halfway through the ride I got pretty comfortable with the uphill part of the ride though.

Jensen's dirty face.
I'm not even sure how I crashed when this happened. We were headed back and it at this spot it was a strait shot downhill. I'm just so glad I didn't crash somewhere else. Every where else on the ride down didn't have any trees on the edge of the mountain like there were here.


  1. That looks so fun! Not the crashing part, but everything else. I'm glad that you are okay and didn't get crushed or something!