Jensen and I went to Moab a few weeks after visiting California. My friend got married in the Moab temple, and Jensen and I both took off work Friday to go to her sealing, and we both ended up getting Saturday off so we decided to take a little camping trip.

Moab was so pretty! The red rock there is so unique and beautiful next to the clear blue sky. I saw a ton of lizards while we were there. Here's a couple I found hiding between some rocks.When we first arrived we walked around a little and took some pictures and then decided it was time to find a campsite. It was pretty late on Friday night by the time we started looking so it took us a loooong time to find an empty spot. After we found one we made some hotdogs and s'mores for dinner and called it a night.
Here's Jensen and his headlamp that looks like a second moon.
Goodnight Moab! See you in the morning.
We got up bright and early so we could eat breakfast and go biking before the heat got too bad. We had (slightly burnt) biscuits and fruit for breakfast.

I'm a big wuss so I only lasted one pretty short bike ride and I was tired. Jensen didn't get all the biking in that he wanted so he went out for another longer, harder run without me holding him back. I waited back at the car until he finished. :)

This hill looks wimpy and flat in the picture, but I swear it was really steep and hard to ride up.
After our bike ride I wanted to go to the Arches. We drove to the national park and looked at all the different sites there. The actual arches were really cool. It was a pretty long hike out to them, for some reason I was thinking we'd basically just drive up to them and take pictures.

I wanted to go swimming really bad while we were there so I looked up somewhere on my phone and found Mill Creek. There was about a one mile hike to this little swimming hole where you could jump off a little cliff into the water below. When we got there I was scared to jump because I heard some people taking about how the water was pretty shallow. Jensen and I watched other people jumping in for a while, while I decided whether or not I was going to jump. Then one guy we watched jump in landed and started yelling when he went to stand up. He broke his foot pretty bad when he hit the bottom. It was kind of scary and gross to see. I definitely wasn't going to jump after watching that so we hiked back out.
Jensen and I were pretty good at putting on lots of sunscreen throughout the day.... but apparently not good enough.


  1. You two do so much fun stuff together! I wouldn't have jumped in either, after seeing that guy break his foot. Gross.