hard at work

Yep, I'm at work right now and I'm writing a blog post. That's how busy it is today... but it is Saturday and I'm not supposed to work on Saturdays so I don't even feel bad.

On another note... I looooove Harry Potter! and went to the midnight showing last Thursday night, even though I never spend more than $1.50 to see a movie, and it was worth it, mostly so I could see all the crazies who dressed up. We got there around 8, ate some Bajio, and played Phase 10 while we waited in line. I even stayed awake for the entire movie, which is a rare occurrence for me when I watch late movies.

If you can name everyone in this photo without lookint at the caption below you get 5 cool points from me :)
from left to right: Belatrix Lestrange, Mad Eye Moodey, Stag Patronus, Professor Quirrel, Random Hogwarts Student (?), Moaning Murtle, A Weird Sister, Luna Lovegood, The Fat Lady


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