When Suzanne and I were out visiting my mom in Cape Cod we also went down to visit NYC! We did lots of shopping and eating and just looking around.

I'm not really sure why it's taken so long to post these pictures considering all I do all day is sit around looking for a job, but I'm finally getting around to putting them up.

Day 1
on our way...
No one else wanted to sit in the front seat once we reached the city because they were afraid to look out the front while Rick drove, so I got shotgun the whole time. The drivers in New York are crazy! If someone was in the wrong lane to turn left or right they didn't care. They would just cut across us anyway to turn. Also there's millions of cars and people and bike and stuff

First stop: China Town

There's a Chinese restaurant that my mom and Rick go to every time they go to New York because it's so good. It's this little hole in the wall with light green vinyl booths that make it look like a hospital and unfriendly staff but the food was so yummy!

The lady in the store from the last three pictures got mad at us for trying on her hats and taking so many pictures in the store without buying anything. She even told us to leave. It was pretty funny.

Weird asian fruit.

Day 2

Real NY pizza!
This guy made these paintings out of spray paint and using bowl lids and bottle caps and newspaper to make all the shapes. It was pretty neat to watch him.

Time Square!


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