Cape Cod

Last week Suzanne and I took a trip out to Massachusetts to visit my mom in Cape Cod. She's lived there for almost 5 years and I've never been out there to see her and she's moving to San Diego this summer so I thought I should go before she moves.

Rick showed us around the cape while we were there. Here's some pictures of the canal on the cape. The right is a big train bridge that moves down to the bottom when trains need to pass over, but mostly stays up for all the boats to get through.
Rick took Suzanne and I to the best little ice cream place ever while we were visiting. They have a million flavors and delicious waffle cones. I got peanut butter oreo and it was soooo good. The last night we were in Cape Cod after we ate dinner and were all really full we drove by the place again and couldn't help but go back for another round of peanut butter oreo ice cream.
See how happy their faces are. And how big our ice cream cones are! Yum!

Here's some pictures of the bay side of the cape.
And here's the beach side! The water was so clear and pretty. and so cold! But the weather was nice. Jensen told me it snowed about 3 inches one day while I was gone. I'm glad I missed it!

And here's just a picture of a flower in my mom's yard. I got a fancy new camera from Jensen for graduation/anniversary/birthday that I'm trying to learn how to use. So far it's been mostly just on the auto setting but it's been really fun.


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