Lazy Day

I feel super lazy today. I got up this morning and went to school to take a competency test for graduation that asked questions from every class I've ever taken in my major from the past 4 years. I'm pretty sure I failed, but that's ok. It's just used to see how well BYU does teaching compared to other universities. I hope i didn't lower the results for BYU too much...

After my test I came home to shower and clean the house so Jensen and I can put advertisements up for it on KSL. I started cleaning but then I got distracted by blogs and 3 hours later all I've done is clean out my closet :)

can you tell my hair is dirty? :) i even went snowboarding yesterday so it was up in a hat and hood all day

ps. only 3 more tests to take in my entire college career!!!!!
Also Jensen and I found an awesome house in Springville to live in that's 3 times bigger than where we live now and doesn't cost much more! I'm super excited to move there. It even has a fire place! I think this year for christmas everyone will be invited to us!


  1. ooooh love fireplaces...especially when you can ACTUALLY build a fire in it! <3 B