Thursday I had the great idea to skip school and go snowboarding with Jensen (I only had one class so it was ok to skip). The snowboarding was great! It was beautiful and sunny and so fun! Annnd we were able to convince Suz to skip work and come with us.

After snowboarding we were all starving and I had the not so great idea of going to Sonic for some food. After eating a couple 75 cent California burger specials none of us felt so good. I vow never to eat Sonic food ever again (maybe).

The sun was really bright.

Jensen lookin' good.


  1. Thanks for posting so many wonderful pictures!! Sorry about the Sonic thing. I always enjoy their tater tots back home.
    Glad to hear Suz got to go along with you. Wish I had been there with you to tube while ya'll were boarding.
    love you,mama

  2. Looks like so much fun! I've never tried snowboarding, and I'm terrible at skiing, but it still looks fun!

  3. ton o fun! this was probably the best day skiing all season. Brighton is a great hill and had lots of pow! We were so sore afterwards