Day 1

Do my teeth look nice and clean? Because they are!

I saw a silly facebook thingy today where you post a specific picture for 30 days so I decided I'm going to do that up here to make me put more posts. Dy 1 is a pic of myself and 10 facts about me. Here goes...

1. I have a strong belief that my new last name is pronounced wrong. It should be Paterson with a long "a" sound. And this is why: all these words... tater (as in potato), tatter, Mater (from Cars), matter, later, latter.

2. Most people who don't know me still think I'm 18- I went to the dentist today and while I was there two people asked me if I was at my 1st year at BYU. nope, my 5th.

3. I like applesauce probably more than any adult I know, with pizza, chicken nuggets, and of course pork chops! yum

4. I love writing lists. Grocery lists, lists of things to do, lists of things I want (my favorite kind of list), lists of lists I need to write...

5. My favorite books are the Harry Potter books. Sometimes I feel ashamed of this because I feel like my favorite books should be more classic or something that really makes me think. Nope.

6. I wish Hogwarts were real and I could go there.

7. Every time I ever have a dream about cats they're killer evil cats that I have to kill so I can survive. Sometimes by kicking them or hitting them with a hammer or a sword. I don't know why because I really do love cats.

8. One of my biggest fears is parasites. Mostly getting one. Like some sort of worm inside my body or something laying eggs in my head. I think this may come from watching too many weird medical shows. I'm also afraid of people in masks. They really really creep me out.

9. I LOVE cardigans. and colorful tights. and painting my fingernails.

10. I really hope that one day I have twins, and I know you're all probably thinking "well you've never raised them", and I know I haven't but I am one and I think they're pretty awesome. You always have a best friend to play with (unless you're fighting) :)


  1. You are so funny! I love this latest blog! I also love the new picture of you.

  2. I'm afraid of parasites too! Just the other day I said something to Andrew about my big fear of having some sort of bug lay eggs in my skin...

    I am also a big cardigan lover. Wow, we have more in common than I thought! I also think you might be onto something about the last name. :)

  3. How come I didn't know some of these things? I guess we need to hang out again!