Two Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed with Freshly Picked!

Between Quinn trying to crawl off the bed and Dunken only wanting to make silly faces, taking pictures of these two is no easy task. They sure do love each other though.  Quinn has really started playing along side Dunken lately, and they both love giving kisses. It's the cutest thing. I love watching their relationship grow.
Freshly Picked kindly sent me two pairs of their soft sole moccasins that are being released this Thursday at 10 am MST. I was sent Velvet Mocha and Summer Bloom which are both being released along with a third style Velvet Crush. We love them! Dunken's neutral moccasins go with everything, and Quinn's floral pair will be great for the rest of summer and this coming fall! Their soft soles are perfect for little baby feet.


  1. Adorable photos of adorable children!! I love the moccasins!