Pre Christmas Christmas

Since Jensen and I were going to Canada for Christmas and Suzanne was staying in Utah with her in-laws we had a little pre-Christmas celebration together the Sunday before we left.  Suz, Jordan, and Asher came over for Christmas dinner and we opened some presents.  It's hard to pack for two kids and bring all of our stuff and presents that far.  Before heading up Suz and I opened our presents from each other and from my mom and Rick.
Here's Dunken and Quinn's ornaments this year, cute little foxes!
Dunken is so spoiled by his grandparents on both sides and great grandparents that Jensen and I really don't need to get him anything for the holidays.  He got a giant moose and dump truck from my mom and Quinn got some cute clothes and little unicorn stuffed animals.
Suz is my favorite person to buy presents for. Basically I just go out and get anything extra exciting and fun that I love, and I know she will love it too.


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