Christmas Morning!

These pictures are a little out of focus, and a little fuzzy, but I love the sweet faces Dunken is making.  Christmas morning after he woke up we headed upstairs and waited for everyone else in the house to wake up and join us. 
Christmas morning was so much fun! First we opened stockings and Dunken immediately wanted to eat all of the candy. After stockings we ate cinnamon rolls and cranberry orange bread. Then we opened presents. So many presents!
Here's Dunken playing with Leon's dinosaurs.
Eat, sleep, Jeep. All Jensen thinks about ;)
Dunken was so so excited to open this giant box of cars.  As soon as he saw it he said "Caaaaars! Caaaaars!" I don't think I've ever heard him so excited in his life.
After opening his cars from Grandma and Grandpa he was set.  He didn't need anything else. And good thing too. Since he gets so spoiled by his grandparents all we got him was a night light. :)
Here's one last picture of Dunken from the day looking out at all the snow.  The rest of the day we spent relaxing, and then taking turns talking to Oakley on Skype.


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