Las Vegas

Jensen and I took a mini vacation to Las Vegas to visit some of his mission companions. We went once years ago when we were dating, and I haven't been back since then.  We drove down on Saturday morning and stayed with an old mission companion of his. Quinn actually did pretty good in the car.  There wasn't too much crying during the drive down.
On Sunday we met up with a different companion of his and his family and went to the Hoover Dam.
Dunken had a blast riding on Jensen's shoulders/

I didn't feel like going to the Strip with Quinn and Dunken, but we did want to go to the Pawn Stars shop and to Rick's Restoration. 
The pawn shop was not very exciting to me. It was a lot smaller than I expected and I didn't see anyone who is on the tv show there. 
Rick's Restoration was pretty neat. They had a small store in the front where you could buy t-shirts and other things from the show.  They also offered a tour of the back where they did at the restoring.  Jensen and I did the tour (you couldn't take any pictures) and we saw a ton of people who are on the show! It was neat to see the restoration process. I even met Ron!
Quinn was not so happy to be in the car again, here's Ron and me!
 The Hoover Dam is right on the border of Nevada and Arizona


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