More from Mirror Lake

It was so beautiful at Mirror Lake I took a million pictures. Seriously, camping in the pine trees with the weather we had is my favorite thing in the world.
We went on a little hike up to a beautiful lake.  I think it's called Wall Lake.  I'm not positive, that might actually be a lake in Waterton.  I was pretty slow with my baby belly so we took it nice and easy while we hiked up.  It wasn't very steep, so with the cooler weather we had it was perfect!
It was near Buddy's nap time when we started our hike.  It wasn't too far into the hike before he fell asleep on Jensen's back.

At the end of the hike we reached a beautiful lake.  To the right of where Jensen and Dunken are standing in this picture is a tall wall/cliff edge.  As usual at a lake Dunken had a ton of fun throwing rocks into the water.  We stopped for a while here, ate lots of snacks and rested a while before heading back down.
Jensen and Dunken picked a little bouquet of wild flowers for me ;)


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