Moab! (again)

If you can't tell, Jensen's favorite place to visit is Moab.  Our next family adventure I'm planning! And this time it will not include red rock and hot hot heat.  We went at the end of May with a few friends to go off-roading and spend a few days roasting in the sun.

As soon as everyone was up and fed the morning after we arrived we went off-roading.  It's not one of my favorite activities (I actually kind of hate it), but Jensen loves it so much I try to be a good sport and go along.  We first went on Hell's Revenge.  Most of this trail I actually kind of enjoy.  There's a ton of slick rock, so it's not a bumpy ride.  The beginning has a lot of steep climbs too, which is equally fun and terrifying.  The end of the trail was less nice though.  We had to stop a few times because I got sick :/
Here's a section of Hell's Revenge called Hell's Gate.  You can't quite tell in the picture, but it's super steep and bumpy.  Jensen drove up this, but Dunken and I got out and watched.  Too scary for us!

After Hell's Revenge we went back to our campsite to rest, eat, and get over our motion sickness.  Then we took a little hike to a small waterfall and stream.

Before we left we made a quick stop in Arches National Park.  I was already tired, so we didn't go to many arches.  The only one we got out and walked to was Sand Dune Arch.  It's definitely my new favorite arch to go to.  The walk is super quick, and mostly shaded even in the middle of the day, and there's tons of soft sand!
Little critter feet prints!
Dunken loved playing in the sand! He barely even tried to eat it too, which is always good ;)


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