First Trimester Pregnancy Essentials

Growing a baby is hard work! And so exhausting!  Here's a few things that helped getting through the first trimester a little easier. 

Luckily with this baby I was not nearly as sick as I was with Dunken.  Every morning I was nauseous, but most days it was bearable.  Whether you're a little nauseous or extremely sick I think peppermint oil is great to have on hand.  I like to put a few drops in my water to sip on to help settle my stomach.  It's nice to have peppermint gum to chew on too.

Even though my nausea stayed under control, it was definitely worse when I was hungry! Lifesaver hard candies are great to suck on to help you feel a little better.  I also made sure to bring snacks with me everywhere! 

Besides nausea the worst part of the first trimester is how tired I was.  Being so tired also meant I wanted to get as much extra sleep and rest in the mornings as possible, so bring on the dry shampoo! Washing and fixing hair takes way too much energy sometimes, and dry shampoo helps lengthen the time between washings without your hair looking too nasty.  I've tried a lot of different brands and two of my favorites are Herbal Essence Naked Dry Shampoo, and Not Your Mother's Dry Shampoo.  Both have a nice scent that's not too perfumey, and aren't gritty like a lot of brands I've tried. 

I have such a hard time drinking the amount of water I should, and I it's even more important to stay hydrated while pregnant.  I always find I'm much better at drinking water if I make sure to carry my water bottle everywhere I go!  My favorite is my Camelbak water bottle, I seem to drink more if I have a straw.

The first trimester you don't really have a baby bump yet, but I definitely had a belly bloat bump.  Maternity pants were still too big, but my regular tight fitting jeans were just so uncomfortable most days, so I loved having cute comfy pants to wear instead.  Target has some really great options right now.


  1. Yes, these are some great tips! I also swear by gummy prenatal vitamins and a belly band. You can wear this while wearing non-maternity jeans so you can leave the jeans unbuttoned and the band keeps it all in place.


  2. Loved this list, oh the memories! For me I probably would have added cold cereal or frozen foods to the list, things to feed the other people in the house when the nausea was just too much for me to take to consider cooking :) Yay for new baby!!!