A trip to the Outer Banks

It's not a trip to North Carolina without going to the beach.  The day we went was overcast, a little rainy, and pretty chilly.  When we first go to the beach we caught some bait for fishing.  The end of the pier my uncle was fishing off was super windy and cold, so we didn't stick around very long.  
After bait catching and the pier we did some touristy shopping and went out for lunch.  This was Jordans' first time to the Atlantic ocean, so even though it was chilly he still wanted to swim.  Because it was the end of September and the ocean had been warming up all summer long, it was still pretty warm even with the colder air.  We headed back to the beach so Jordan, Suz, and Toby could swim.  It was too cold for Dunken so I stayed out with him and watched the crazies swim.
Maybe next time we visit Dunken and I will be able to swim too!