9 Months

Well I missed 8 months, so here is an update on 9! 

Dunken is 9 months old and starting to look like such a little boy! (cue the tears)  He scoots and drags himself around all the time.  He hasn't really started crawling with his belly up yet, but he will rock when he is up on all fours.  He says, "Dadadada" all the time and clicks his tongue.  He will scoot over to Jensen and I and pull on us to pick him up.  He has just started getting his top tooth! That one was a doozy when it was coming through.  Lots bad nights sleep and he got pretty sick from it. :(  Since the tooth came through he has also stopped sleeping through the night!  Even though he pretty much sleeps like a newborn again he is still the cutest and most fun little guy to hang out with all day.

He took his 9 month doctor appointment like a champ.  He weighs 18 pounds and is in the 25th percentile for weight, and 90s for head size and height!


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