Dunken's first plane ride

At the end of September, Dunken and I took a trip to North Carolina to visit my grandma and older sister.  We flew from Salt Lake to Denver by ourselves, and met my sister and her husband at the Denver airport.  It was so nice to have them on the longer flight from Denver to the Newport News airport.  Suzanne's husband Jordan is one of Dunken's favorite people so Dunken was more than happy to play with him on the plane.
^Taking a look out the window
Dunken did great on the flights!  I made sure to nurse him as we were taking off to help relieve the pressure in his ears, and it must have helped.  There was no crying!  I also brought a variety of toys for him so he would stay entertained.  My water bottle was probably the best toy though :).  I definitely overpacked the diaper bag for traveling.  I brought way too many diapers and extra clothes "just in case".  I also brought every medicine, cream, and spray I thought there was even a small chance of him needing, and ended up using none of them.  Better safe than sorry though I guess.  If I fly again while Dunken is still really little I will be bringing a lot less on the flight with us.

It was so nice for Dunken to be able to crawl across all three of our laps on the longer flight so he didn't get too bored.  The flights home were a little harder because they were so late at night.  We didn't leave North Carolina until almost 6pm and our flight to Denver had to take an hour and a half detour because of storms.  He was still a champ though and barely cried or even fussed while on the plane.  The last flight wasn't until 10pm (midnight Eastern time), so Dunken slept the whole time.  Whenever he woke up for any reason he was as happy as could be and would fall right back to sleep.


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