The best time of year

September 1st starts my favorite time of year.  My real favorite is of course Christmas, but September means fall! And I sure do love fall.  Now the weather just needs to get the fall memo. :)  The official first day of Fall isn't until September 23rd, but school is back in and stores are starting to sell fall clothes and decorations so I'm definitely feeling in the mood for fall.  I've already been burning my favorite fall candle for a few days. 

Suz and Jordan and my mom and Rick are coming for Christmas this year and Suzanne and I have already started planning our Christmas festivities.  With my family here and Dunken this is going to be the best Christmas ever.  I know it's still months and months away, but I am already getting excited about it!

Also these pics have nothing to do with my post babbling about fall and my Christmas plans, but I hope you enjoyed the cute pictures of Dunken. 


  1. That Dunken has the cutest facial expressions ever
    I can't even BEGIN to think about Christmas. It stresses me out!