Blogtember | Day Eleven: Inspire Me

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Today's blogtember prompt is "how do you stay inspired?"  Looking through apps like Pinterest and Instagram definitely gives me a little inspiration when it comes to projects I want to do or food I want to make.  My favorite thing to browse on Pinterest is home inspiration.  I dream about what my home will (hopefully) some day look like.  I also love getting outfit and DIY inspiration.

Most of my inspiration for my day to day life comes from attending church on Sundays.  Even more so when I am teaching the lesson and take the time to prepare it.  Each week I leave with a renewed perspective and desire to live a little better.

I also get a lot of inspiration with lists! I love writing to do lists, goal lists, and project lists.  I think these lists help me to come up with more ideas and take action to accomplish them.  There's something about them written down that makes me want to get to work.


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