Dunken goes to Idaho (and meets a goat)

A few weeks ago Jensen went out of town for work all week and I went a little stir crazy at home alone.  The next week he was gone for scout camp, so Dunken and I headed off to Idaho to visit  my mom at my uncle's house.  I hung out with my mama and cousins, ate lots of yummy food, went swimming, and made jam with my Aunt Rosie.
One morning Rick (aka Grumpa) and I went to visit all the animals with Dunken.  He's so funny with the animals.  Even though they don't belong to him he gave them all names and feeds them and visits them every day.  
First we said hello to the goats Blackie and Brownie.  I think Dunken liked them :)
Then we said hello to the mules. I forget their names.
Until next time Idaho.