Dunken flashback: 1 month old

Now that I have Dunken I have to move all the photos from my phone to the computer about once a month because it fills up so fast.  It's even more often now that he is more active and I take more videos.  I was looking through all of my phone pictures since he's been born and decided to post some of my favorites.  These are all from March when he was just two months old.  It may seem like a lot, but you should see how many I have taken!  Also can I just say how much looking at these old pictures makes my heart ache, and he's not even that big yet.  The time is going by way too fast!  Once I post all of the old photos of Dunken I'll try to keep up with posting them more regularly on my blog. 


  1. Love all the faces and hairstyles haha Time goes by so quickly, it's crazy!