Hello there! It's been a while. I got lazy with blogging and then Jensen and I went out of town for about a week.  Now I'm back and have lots of catch up to do.  I little while ago, I'm not even sure when exactly, Jensen and I went up to Hyrum to go "camping".  It wasn't real camping because we were staying in his aunt's cabin, but we didn't have electricity either. :)

Aunt Loye met us in Hyrum and let us follow her out to the cabin and boy was it a long drive.  The cabin was really out in the middle of nowhere.  As we were driving out we kept passing cabins and I would get excited thinking one of them was the one we were staying in. About an hour after we left Hyrum we finally arrived at the cabin and it was beautiful!  It was just starting to get dark so we had some hotdogs for dinner and went to bed. 
The next morning Jensen made me pancakes for breakfast! I'm pretty sure this is the first time since I've known him that he has made breakfast for me.  He does not cook so this was a nice treat!
 After breakfast we got dressed and explored around the cabin.  The weather was perfect! It was nice and cool.  It was really beautiful out at the cabin too.  We went on a nice walk down to a small pond and back to the cabin.  While we were walking Jensen and I were talking about coming back in the future with little kids who could run around and play outside.  I hope years from now we will still be able to go back and enjoy our time up there with children running round.

The only drawback to our trip was when we got home Jensen and I both found ticks! Talk about heebie jeebies. Yuck.  Luckily how beautiful our time at the cabin was almost made the ticks worth it. ;)


  1. I love Dunken in all the pictures of the cabin haha his little head sticking up out of the couch, and then an arial view of him laying on the couch haha super cute!! It looks beautiful up there!