Three and Four Months

3 months: Dunken just barely started talking baby talk, not just baby grunts any more! The first time he did it sounded like real words so it was a little creepy actually.  He loves reading books with mama and daddy.  He smiles all the time and really recognizes Jensen and me now.
4 months: I totally spaced taking the normal monthly photo for Dunken at 4 months! :( Here's a few pictures taken right when he turned four months old.  Dunken has just started to laugh! He's only done it a few times and it takes a lot of work.  The first time he did it I was bouncing him while Jordan made faces, so right now it's a two person job.  He had his four month doctor appointment and handled the second round of shots much better than his first.  His weight is in the 13th percentile, 92nd for head size, and 37th for height.   He weighs 13.8 lbs. One more exciting thing about 4 months is that he slept through the night! He only did it once and hasn't since.  We'll see if he starts to do it regularly any time soon.  Fingers crossed!


  1. Man, Adelaide is a chunk! She is almost 13 lbs and is only 2 months….no wonder people think she is older than she is haha

    Dunken is seriously so cute! I love these sweet updates. I really need to meet him and hold him!