Walk with Tiny Dunken

Oh hey there! I'm pretty sure April went by faster than any month ever.  I've had lots going on with a cranky sick baby, a trip to Moab, Easter, and lots of family in town so I haven't gotten on my computer in weeks.

I was looking through all my photos of Dunken to print some off and send my grandma and came across a few that I never posted about.  Also can I just say I got a little heart ache seeing how tiny Dunken used to be.  I know he is still small now, but he seems huge compared to when he was first born :(.  Now I know why people keep having babies, because there have been a few days and nights where I've thought maybe one baby is enough, but they grow too fast!
Dunken's first walk outside when he was still extra tiny and slept through everything.  Lately he has forgotten how to nap unless I'm holding him.  I have already spoiled my baby rotten.


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