A Note from Dunken

Oh Hey, 
Little Dunken here, looking cute and wiggling my tiny toes.  Since pretty much this entire blog has turned into posts about me, and how cute I am, I thought I would personally introduce myself.  As you know I'm Dunken James.  Dunken is my Mama's maiden name, and James is her favorite uncle.  I just turned two months old and I'm getting nice and chubby.  Other babies call me fat, but I don't mind.  I have the cutest cheeks for miles.  Everyone tells me so.

I spend my days pooping, eating, and hanging out with my mama.  I'm a real night owl and love to wake Mama in the middle of the night, but I'm happiest bright and early in the morning.  My favorite things to do are taking naps with my daddy and sucking on my binkie.  I hate diaper changes and especially hate bath time.  But I do like how fuzzy my hair stays after baths, especially because Mama thinks this is when I'm cutest.  Car rides make me sleepy and when I'm carried in my mama's back pack contraption I fall asleep every time.

If you need me I'll be hanging out on my boppy.  Until next time.