A few thoughts on being a mom

Dunken is two months old now! The past two months have been the longest of my life, but have flown by at the same time.  Dunken already seems huge compared to when we brought him home!  I love seeing him grown and watching his features develop.  I don't really see myself in him at all yet.  I think his chubby cheeks get in the way of seeing who he looks like :).  He does have Jensen's little mouth, lips, and chin though. 

I always knew having a baby would totally change my life and be a lot of work, but I never realized exactly what that meant for me.  Being a mom is more physically and emotionally draining than I ever realized and so so amazing.  Dunken is such a blessing for Jensen and me.  My home is filled with so much more love and peace now.  Even when our little stinker is crying and keeping us up at night ;).  I've never loved anyone quite like I love my little boy, and I know Jensen feels the same way.  I even feel more love toward Jensen.  It's amazing to see a new side of him and the love he has for Dunken.   


  1. Babies really do change everything. I'm so happy for your little family! I love the new blog design, too.