Holiday Cheer

One of my favorite things about Christmas is transforming my house with Christmas decorations.  Pretty much every flat surface is cleared off and filled with Christmas.  My mom and grandma both went all out for Christmas every year too.  I think the love of Christmas and especially Christmas decorations runs in my family. :)  Almost all of my decorations besides the ones on my mantel were gifts from my mom and grandma.
Every year growing up for Christmas I got an ornament from my mom.  I love having a tree full of mix matched ornaments, but I hope to have a fancy themed tree one day too.
 Tonight after work the decorations are coming down.  Even though I'm sad to see them go it will be nice to have a cleaner looking house again.  Now I need to starting thinking of some fun Valentine's decorations to make!


  1. beautiful! i love christmas decorations! great pictures.