The Most Wondeful Time of the Year

Even though it still feels like the beginning of December, Christmas is only a few weeks away! So far this Christmas (and Thanksgiving) season have been great.  We have already gotten two pretty big snow storms, which I love, and I have gotten to do quite a few Christmas activities.  I hope all the snow we've gotten is a sign of an extra snowy winter, and a white Christmas!  Even though I can't go snowboard, and Jensen won't even let me go sledding, I still love the snow.
- I went to see the Christmas Carol with Suz! A friend from work was in it, and I was able to go see it the same night as a lot of them.
- Puppies at uncle Jimmy's
- Snow buried my car while I was at work. 
- A small peak of some new decorations I got for my mantle
- Suz and I skeet shooting
- My Christmas mantle! I'm kind of in love with how bright and happy it is
- We got a space heater to help keep us warm and lower our bill, Pigeon has discovered how nice it is
- Lights for our tree
-Jensen and I went to see Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas concert and it was so much fun! I've been wanting to go for a while now, and even though it was kind of expensive we decided to splurge since this will be the last Christmas before a baby joins our family.  I'm really glad we went.  Some of the concert we were both laughing so hard.  All of the men in the band seemed like wanna be 80s rock stars. Most had long hair and were head banging to their music.
 -Jeeping in the snow!  Usually I hate going off roading with Jensen, but the snow makes it difficult enough that he doesn't go on any crazy trails. Plus I loved driving through all the snow so it was a ton of fun!
- Kiki moved to Texas after graduating from BYU so I haven't seen her in a while and she came up to visit for a family reunion. She was able to meet me for a quick lunch together.
- Pigeon enjoying the heat again
- Snowy trees!


  1. love love love all of these pictures. they just scream holidays!