Family and Canadian Thanksgiving

About a month ago Jensen and I went up to Willard for his cousin's baby blessing, and then a little further up to Logan to visit his great aunt.  Jensen's mom grew up in Logan so a lot of her siblings (and their children) still live in the area.  Besides my sister living in Provo we don't have immediate family close by, so it's nice to have so many aunts, uncles, and cousins we can visit occasionally just two hours away.
Jensen's cousin Cami, me, and cousin-in-law Camille
Even though I'm not related to either of them they're two of my favorite cousins! And a random fact about all of us... we all got married in 2010, and we will all have our first baby within about a year of each other.  Cami's baby (Jensen!) was born in October.  His baby blessing was the reason for our trip up.  And Camille's baby was born some time at the beginning of this year.

Jensen and Aunt Lloye
 Both of Jensen's grand parents on his mom's side died when he was younger, so Aunt Lloye has kind of been a grandma to everyone in his family.
I can't forget Canadian Thanksgiving! Even though it was back in the beginning of October.  Like most years since we've been married Jensen and I invited some friends over for a big Thanksgiving dinner.  I love having two Thanksgivings a year :)


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