Uncle Jimmy's and puppies and wheat fields

Back in July Suz and I went to Idah to my uncle Jimmy's for Bubba's wedding.  When we first arrived non one else was at his home yet, but we were greeted by a huge kennel full of puppies!  I've never been around so many puppies all at once before and it was so much fun.  His dog had britney spaniel puppies and his son had border collie puppies there too. 

Lots of puppies means lots of pee and poo so we decided to give them all a bath.  This was not quite as fun as I imagined.  We only washed a few at a time because there were so many, but most of them did not like their bath.  They were all crying and trying to run away, but after they were so much nicer!
Here's a couple more pictures from Bubba's wedding.  I didn't get any of Bubba and Claire at the temple, but here's all of uncle Jimmy's beautiful daughters and wife.

During the reception Suz and I decided to have a mini photo shoot out in the wheat field beside the church. :)


  1. oh my goodness, those puppies, im dying i can't get over how adorable they are.