Baby Doctor

waiting for the doctor

First Doctor's appointment: July 1st
It was two weeks after I found out I was pregnant before I was able to go to the doctors and those felt like the longeset two weeks ever.  I was so worried there was something wrong and my baby wouldn't make it.  I had a few melt downs before we went to the doctor because I was nervous and worried about every little ache and pain.  I get way too wrapped up in looking up symptoms online and have thought of all the worst case scenarios. so going to the doctor has eased a lot of my fear and uncertanty.

We also learned my due date! February 11th! I am so excited. I can't wait until I start to have a belly and find out the gender. Right now I feel like I have the most exciting secret in the world and I wish I could tell everyone!

I looked around a while for a doctor that sounded good and took our insurance.  The closest hospital to us is about 30 minuts away in American Fork, but they don't take our insurance. The next one is the Timpanogus Hopsital in Orem, almost 40 minutes away.  I found a doctor that had good reviews online and the doctor's office said he was everyone's favorite.  He seemed really nice during our first appointment.  Jensen was not a huge fan.  I think that's just becuase of how much in your personal space they are, especially during the first appointment.  They had me wear a hospital gown while I was checked, and Jensen joked after that I should have just been naked because of all the prodding they do everywhere.

My cycle had been very irregular so I wasn't sure how far along I was. At my first appointment they did an ultra sound so they could see my little bean's size and tell me my due date.  I found out I was 7 weeks and 5 days according to the ultrasound.  According to my last period the estiamted time was 9 weeks, so I was hoping I was already 9 weeks just so I would be a little further along.

We got to see our tiny bean baby at the first appointment and hear it's heartbeat.  It was such a relief to have real proof that there's a baby inside me!  Little baby was only the size of a kidney bean during our first appointment.  It's amazing something that small has a beating heart. I could even see the tiny heart on the ultra sound.  So far I have the feeling we are going to have a boy, but who knows.  Jensen really wants a boy and I want a girl.  I would be ok with a boy first if I was guaranteed to have a girl next. I am just terrified that I will have all boys. ;)


  1. You are the cutest person. Your baby is going to be the most beautiful thing on this earth.