Getting Artsy

60/365: Friday night when Jensen was out of town Suz came over and we had a sleepover! We ate mac and cheese, some of my leftover pizza, and painted pants! Using this tutorial.  I dotted some pants, and Suz did hearts. (March 1, 2013)
61/365: Suz's complete heart pants. (March 2, 2013)
62/365: A few weeks ago at Michael's I bought a giant canvas!  I haven't painted in a while so I was pretty nervous to start, especially since my canvas is so big (4ft by 4ft).  I've been wanting to paint a picture of aspen trees for a while, so I finally started.  At our new house we have a big stairwell that needs some artwork, so I thought this would be nice to fill the empty wall. I'll be sure to show what it looks like when it's finished.