So much snow!

We got a ton of snow on Monday and Tuesday last week.  On Monday I wasn't prepared at all for the amount of snow we would have on our drive to work, and I ended up being half an hour late.  Most of the lateness was caused by waiting to get on the freeway.  The onramp was covered in snow and all the little cars were getting stuck.  Monday night Jensen shoveled our driveway, and a few hours later it was covered again.  Jensen and I went sledding so we could actually enjoy some of the snow we were getting.  Tuesday I left really early to get to work and still ended up being about 10 minutes late.  Luckily the snow finally stopped later in the week.
30/365: Even more snow!
 31/365: I finally woke up to some sunshine! Even though I love the snow it was such a relief to see the blue sky knowing I wouldn't have to drive it it.
 32/365: My new snow boots.  I love them!
 33/356: More blue skies greeted us Saturday morning along with a thick layer of frost.


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