Skiing in the Clouds

A few weeks ago Jensen and I went to the Canyons in Park City to go skiing (and snowboarding).  The morning we woke up go to everything at home was covered in a layer of ice from nasty icy rain we were getting.  We debated whether or not we should even go, because all the way up to the ski hill it was still gross freezing rain.  Since we drove all the way up to the hill we decided we should just go anyway.   The snow was slow and sticky, and I got wetter than I ever have snowboarding, but it was still really fun.  And a plus to going on a day with not so nice weather was that the hill was so empty!
A few spots on the ski hill, especially at the end of the day, were insanely foggy.  I felt like I was going to crash in to someone or something because I couldn't see more than a few feet in front of me.

Jensen wanted to go on one more run after I was done for the day, so I went to the bottom of the hill and warmed up, and dried my soaked gloves, by the fire.


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