From Sunday

As usual Sunday this week was another great day.  I'm bad about always being on my phone, computer, or watching/listening to some tv show most of the time  (I'm writing while I watch tv and have my phone right beside me).  Jensen and I have made a rule to not bring our phones to church on Sundays so we have less distractions during our meetings.  I want to try to unplug more during the rest of the day on Sunday too, so we can have more quality time together.
41/365: Salad Tacos. So good! From this recipe. (February 10, 2013)
A Sunday dinner isn't complete without Sunday desert.  This week it was cookies.
Spring is just around the corner, and our grass is starting to peek out from under the snow.  I want to get a few more days of snowboarding in this year, but besides that I am so excited for sunny warm days.
Jensen wants to get a few more snowball throws in before spring too.


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