Christmas Eve

Jensen was with me with we got this coat.  He wanted to open it early, and since he already knew what it was I let him :)
Jensen and I both had to work on Christmas eve, so we didn't get to start celebrating until around 8 that night.  We had a great start to the day and woke up to lots of snow! And got even more snow through out the day.  We had Jensen's friend Colby over for Christmas eve and Christmas day.  His family has a tradition of soup and bread bowls on Christmas eve so that's what we had.  It was delicious! I think Jensen and I are going to start that as one of our traditions, especially because soup is pretty easy to make. It's nice to have yummy food and not spend too much time cooking.  After we stuffed ourselves until we couldn't eat any more we opened Christmas pajamas (I even got some for Colby), watched The Polar Express and went to bed.


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