It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Things over here have been a little crazy.  Jensen and I moved!  We bought a house out in Eagle Mountain so we have been packing, cleaning, and unpacking all week.  And doing a lot of driving! I'm really excited for when we'll be done with everything at our place in Springville so I don't have to drive to two homes every day.  

We don't have much of our house unpacked yet, but Jensen and I made sure to get the Christmas up first!  Since I like to have Christmas decorations up right around Thanksgiving we made sure to get them up quick. My decorations were the last things I took down at our old house, and the first things up at our new house.  Even though I had a few decorations up in Springville, we waited to put up the tree until after we moved since it takes so long.  Last night Jensen and I finally finished setting up our tree, and now it really feels like Christmas! 


  1. Super cute decorations! I want to see your new house!