Halloween Wreath Tutorial

I don't usually decorate for Halloween, but this year I wanted a little something Halloween-ey at my house instead of just my usual fall decorations.  I though a wreath would be a fun and easy way to bring Halloween decor into my home. 
-one grape vine wreath (I bought one from Hobby Lobby that was 1/4th the price of the same wreaths at Michael's)
-halloween lights
-black spray paint
-foam feather bird
1. Spray your grape vine wreath black.  I just got the cheapest flat black spray paint I could find.
2. Wrap the lights into the wreath.  You can weave them into the branches on the front side of the wreath instead of wrapping them all the way around so more lights are visible.
3. Wrap the ribbon around the top part of the wreath and tie it into a bow.
4.  Add the bird and you're done! I did an owl so my wreath would be cute, but if you want a spookier wreath you can do a crow instead.