Leather Leaf Headband Tutorial

Fall is my absolute favorite season.  The leaves here in the mountains are already changing colors (and too soon! It's still in the upper 80s during the day), so I though I would make a fall inspired tutorial.  This headband is really simple and easy to make.
Materials needed:
2 different colors of thin leather.  (Felt will also work)
strip of felt 
1 metal headband
cardstock for leaf template
fabric scissors
paper scissors
hot glue gun and glue
fabric pencil (not pictured)
ruler or measuring tape (not pictured)
sewing machine (not pictured)
Draw a leaf onto a piece of card stock.  Any shape leaf will work, but a simple one like I did will make your tracing and cutting easier.
 Cut out your card stock leaf.

Trace the leaf onto your leather.  I traced my leaf  10 times on each piece of leather, for a total of 20 leaves, but I only ended up using 16 of my leaves in my final headband
Cut out your leaves.
Measure your headband (mine was about 17 inches) and line up your leaves, overlapping each other. Use enough leaves and adjust how much they overlap, to equal the length of your headband.
Sew your leaves together.
Using a hot glue gun, glue your strip of leaves onto your metal headband.  Only apply glue to a small section of the headband at a time and add the leaf strip, so the glue doesn't cool off before the leaves are attached.
Cut out a small strip of felt and glue that to the interior of the headband.  This will cover up the metal and the glue from attaching the leaves, and make it easier for your headband to slide on and off.
All done!


  1. Super cute Vivian! Where did you get the leather?

    1. I just got a bag of leather pieces at hobby lobby