Cascade Springs

On Sunday Jensen, Suz, Jordan, and I drove up past Sundance and toward Midway to enjoy the weather and changing leaves.  We stopped at Cascade Springs to walk around.  Suz and I decided to make a wreath of the colorful leaves, and got a little excited picking them.  I ended up picking almost twice as many as I needed for my wreath because I thought I wouldn't have enough. oops
This pictures is for Jensen. He sure loves his Jeep.
Jensen found the perfect "Canada" leaf and carried it around with him while we were walking around. He wouldn't even give it to me to use on my wreath because he wanted to save it for himself. :)
Have I mentioned yet that fall is my favorite?


  1. These pictures are gorgeous! I love Fall so much!! What a fun idea to make a wreath out of the leaves.