Hummer Ride

Here's the last post about our trip to Moab.  Last time Jensen and I went he really wanted to take a Hummer tour on the sand dunes, but we didn't go.  This trip we stopped by one of the tour companies and Jensen really wanted to take a guided tour where he drives a Jeep and follows someone around.  I was too afraid to do that, so I agreed to take the Hummer ride instead since a professional would be driving us around.   It was kind of expensive, but I'm so glad we did it!  We got really lucky and our hummer didn't have anyone else in it besides Jensen and I, so it was like a private tour.  

Bumpy ride.
 We stopped to take a shot of our view.
 Here some other hummers our for a drive.
It's hard to tell in the pictures, but some of the hills we went up and down were so steep. I was amazed that the hummer was able to make them.
 This wasn't the hummer we rode in, but ours went down this same section of the trail.  It was fun to watch another group go on the same part because of all the ladies screaming.  I didn't scream, but I was holding on for dear life on this part.


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