Story Time

I'm still playing catch up on the blog! I've been really lazy busy lately so I haven't gotten a chance to post everything from my trip to Idaho and to California yet.
One night during our visit in Idaho falls we spent the evening listening to funny stories from my Uncle Eddy and Uncle Jimmy when they were growing up.  They were quite the trouble makers when they were young.  Many of their stories were about setting of fireworks, accidentally starting fires, and homemade bombs.  We also got to watch a video of my great Aunt Rie telling stories from her childhood.  I'm so glad her daughter had the idea to record her telling those stories for all of us to enjoy even after she is gone.  It's amazing how different her childhood was from mine.  

One story she shared on the video that I remember her telling me when I was younger was that her uncles used to steal chickens and sell them back to the original owners, just to steal them again a few days later to sell to someone else.  


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