Yesterday was Jensen and my two year anniversary!  I can't believe we have already been married for two years.  About a month ago I bought a plane ticket to come out to California to visit Dena, Jensen's sister, and when I was looking at dates to come I totally forgot about our anniversary.  The only celebration we had yesterday was Jensen driving me to the airport at 6am.  Oops.  I promised Jensen I would make it up to him by making him really yummy dinner after I got back.

Last week we did have a pre-anniversary celebration though.  I won a photo session from Sami Jo Photography at the BYU blogger meet up in March.  Sami Jo is up in Logan so I thought it would be fun to go  up on a day we both have off work and spend the day there together.  Logan is where Jensen and I got married, and we ended up doing the photo shoot the week before our anniversary so it worked out perfect!  I love them!  You can see a few more on Sami's blog here.

I'm not sure if Jensen even reads my blog that often but Happy Anniversary to my love! 


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