Easy Peasy Wall Art

(they don't look centered, but I promise they are! It's just because of the angle of the picture)
My bathroom needed a little something to make the plain white walls less boring. I found some great shadow box frames at DI for $3 so I made simple art to hang up.

scrapbook paper
modge podge
white acrylic paint
1. Remove back panel of frames. Mine were wood so I started out by painting them white. Let them dry before moving on the the second step. If yours are already white, or you want to keep them wood, you won't need to paint them.
2. Measure the size of the back of the frame. Then cut your scrapbook paper to be one inch smaller on all 4 sides. (My frame was 13 inches wide, so I cut the paper to be 11 inches wide. The frame was 8 inches tall, so I cut the paper to be 6 inches tall.)
3. Modge podge the scrapbook paper onto the back panels of the frames, make sure it's centered. Let the modge podge dry.
4. Reassemble your frames and hang them up!


  1. I like the deep natural wood frames you found. And your shower curtain! I'm still promising myself that one day I will splurge and make my bathroom fancy.