Orange Bubble

Jensen and I went to the Canyons to go skiing and snowboarding yesterday. It was a ton of fun! I fell down quite a bit yesterday and as a result today I'm really sore.
Here's our view from the cabriolet we rode from the parking lot to the ski hill. There's a bunch of apartments and hotels right at the hill. The first time we came I was amazed at how many buildings and businesses are right at the hill because most hills are pretty isolated from everything besides the occasional cabin.
The first lift we rode was the Orange Bubble Express. It's my favorite for multiple reasons. The most obvious reason is because it's a big orange bubble. The second reason is because it's so bright inside it makes me feel like it's the middle of the summer. It also makes me feel like I'm on the Jetsons.
Some of the runs we went on had a lot of these little groves of trees. I thought they were so pretty.


  1. Fun! I haven't been to the mountains forever. I love your cute pictures. Hope you had a blast :)