Love Basket

Here's what I made for Jensen for Valentine's Day. He said no presents, but I like holidays and presents too much not to get him something. I think it's a great last minute Valentine's Day gift idea, and pretty inexpensive. I just got some of Jensen's favorite treats, a few small useful items to fill a basket with, and a card I made. To make it a little more fun I made stamped strips of scrapbook paper with phrases relating to Valentine's Day for each item in the basket and tied it to the items with a pink bow.

here's the list of what I put in Jensen's basket and their V-day label:
- bbq potato chips: you're smokin
- hot hands: hot for you
- peanut m&ms: sweet treats
- IBC root beer: love potion
- lint roller: lint isn't lovely
- car air freshener: scent of love
- dewrinkle spray: smooth shirts for your smooth moves

As you can see most of the labels I made are super cheesy, but it was a lot of fun to make!
Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day!


  1. Love it! Great idea...wish I had spent some time on valentines this year. <3

  2. Oh, I love the labels. I really like the love potion one too. IBC root beer makes me so happy. This was an adorable idea.