Feb Photo a Day

1. your view today-I love waking up to snow!
2. words- I love you!
3. hands- Hand holding hot chocolate. Yum.
4. a stranger- I went to the mall with Suzanne on my day off and saw strangers holding balloons.
5. 10am- Good morning! Jensen and I have church late on Sundays so at 10am we're usually still in bed :)
6. dinner- Breakfast for dinner!
7. button- This is probably my favorite shirt. I love the pattern and the lace on the collar and the little gold buttons.
8. sun- It was a super cloudy day. The only sun I saw peaked out from the clouds right before it set.
9. front door- This is not my front door. It's from a house Jensen and I passed as we were going on a walk around our neighborhood.
10. self portrait- Hello.
11. makes me happy- Heart shaped cookies and Jensen.
12. Inside my closet- This is the best closet I've ever had. It has a tall pole for all my dresses and built in shoe shelves.
13. blue- I didn't take a picture of anything blue that day so you get a picture of Jensen and me.
14. heart- Happy V day!
15. phone- I also didn't take a picture of a phone so here's Jensen and me again!
16. something new- Jensen got me this shirt for Valentine's day. If any of you watch the office, April wore this same shirt on the Valentine's day episode. Funny!

17. time- My Papaw and Granny when they met. They were only 14! They got married when they were 17, and were married for 60 years before Papaw passed away.
18. drink- Bright eyed and blueberry from Jamba Juice. Yum.
19. something you hate to do- I think doing the dishes is my least favorite thing to do ever! They never stop... even when there's just two people here to do dishes for.
20. handwriting- Grocery list.
21. a fave photo of you- Such a happy day!
22. where you work- My desk at Five Star.
23. your shoes- I think these shoes are my favorite.
24. inside your bathroom cabinet- Not inside my bathroom cabinet, just inside my lotion drawer. Think I have enough?
25. green- Pigeon asleep on a green blanket.
26. night- Spent the night cuddling with Jensen and watching The Office.
27. something you ate- Starburst Jelly beans. I'm addicted to those things. I've eaten almost 2 bags in a week and a half. Jensen did help eat them a little though.
28. money- Some change on my dresser.
29. what you're listening to- Phoenix Pandora station. I have this playing in my car non-stop lately.
The end!


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