Fabric Envelope Tutorial

I love Valentine's day! And making little thoughtful gifts. I thought this was a fun way to wrap small Valentine's gifts for your loved ones. It's kind of a combination of a fabric envelope I found at Martha Stewart and a felt envelope card holder from Michael Ann Made.

sewing machine
fuse-able interfacing
embroidery needle and thread

1. Cut out two 13 by 13 in pieces of fabric

2. Iron on fusible interfacing to the piece of fabric that you are going to use for the exterior of the envelope for extra structure..

2. With right sides together sew the two pieces of fabric together using a quarter inch seam allowance. Leave a 2 in gap open so you can turn it right side out. Make sure you back stitch when you first start and when you finish sewing.

3. Turn it right side out and iron it flat.

4. Top stitch the opening closed. Again make sure to back stitch at each end. If your top stitching doesn't look very good (like mine) don't worry because it won't show in the finished envelope.

5. Fold your fabric in half and iron a crease down the center. Do this for each side so you end up with a + crease in the fabric. This will help when you fold up the corners of the fabric to create the envelope.

6. Start with the corner that has the section of top stitching and fold it up to the center of the fabric. This will become the bottom edge of your envelope. Iron the flap down to create a crease. Do this with the rest of the corners of the fabric making sure the edges of the triangles overlap so you can stitch your envelope together.

7. Starting in the center of the envelope, stitch the lower edges of the right and left triangles to the edges of the bottom. Use embroidery thread that matches your fabric, or several strands or regular sewing thread. When you do this make sure the bottom triangle is underneath the left and right triangles.

8. If you want to you can add some embellishments along the edges of the top triangle of your envelope. You can add more stitching so it matches the rest of the envelope, or embroider it like this one.